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TheDangerOfAds 2 is out!

2008-08-28 05:23:29 by Patrick-Studios

Basic news:
TheDangerOfAds 2
A new submission has been submitted!
Go check it out!
Also check out TheDangerOfAds 1

TheDangerOfAds 2 is out!

Basic news:
It will soon be done. Submitted today as planned. :3
So just wait. And it will be out in no time.

Other news:
The collab is canceled. Sadly my requirements to make one are low. :C



2008-08-27 13:05:32 by Patrick-Studios

Yesh, I am planning to make a collab. Of Sum 41. :D
Check out at least.
If not interested, that's okay with me.


SBC isn't the king of the portal?

2008-08-15 15:00:09 by Patrick-Studios

'Course he is. ;D

Shadowii2 made a flash, so I added a little-bit of something to it ;)
Check it out!

Also, check out shadowii2's post

SBC isn't the king of the portal?

New submission!

2008-08-13 16:43:16 by Patrick-Studios

I finished the intro for my new series!
It's called: Patrick n' white
Be a lad, and check it out, if you may!

I am currently working on the first episode so, be patient! :D


2008-06-23 04:42:35 by Patrick-Studios


Stunning ideas!

2008-05-13 15:42:10 by Patrick-Studios

I'm making a movie!!

The 1st short you saw called 'DangerOfAdverts - Short#1'
That is mainly a PILOT.

I finally came up with an idea.

It is called: 'Digital Movies'
The boy you saw in the pilot
He is called: Patrick Timberland
and his friends: Cody Banks, Antti Holappa, Carbo

It's about those 4 boys, mainly Patrick, going through a LOT of electronic devices that they can't handle

Currently making Episode 1

Progress: 0,5 %

:X Out of ideas..

2008-04-20 08:24:28 by Patrick-Studios

Patimation is canceled, so is Oblivions.. so is Mega Man..

Out of ideas.. :X

Yeah, and now I have decided what will I do now.

Some time ago I created a crew named 'Oblivions'
It has 9 members and soon this crew will have a site for further info.
It is based on school kids who do their homework and same time keep the city out of trouble.
Leader is I, Patrick.

Second thing what I'm gonna do are Megaman X series.
They're gonna be really, REALLY random.

Also check out my SheezyPage: m/

Kthxbai <3


Also here's a sneak peek. 0/screenie2zv4

<Title says it all.>