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Okay. People, I'm back here in NG!

2008-01-27 12:06:58 by Patrick-Studios

Yeah, and now I have decided what will I do now.

Some time ago I created a crew named 'Oblivions'
It has 9 members and soon this crew will have a site for further info.
It is based on school kids who do their homework and same time keep the city out of trouble.
Leader is I, Patrick.

Second thing what I'm gonna do are Megaman X series.
They're gonna be really, REALLY random.

Also check out my SheezyPage: m/

Kthxbai <3


Also here's a sneak peek. 0/screenie2zv4


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2008-01-27 12:09:01

Did I hear the word random? I like :)

Patrick-Studios responds:

Oh yes. You did. ;D


2008-01-27 12:58:02

Haha, wonder who is the 8th member? ;D

Also hope to see the Megaman X flash soon XD

Patrick-Studios responds:

You are :P
9th is Abby :3 (Abbigail)

Hope to see soon?
Alright, I suggest you voice act ;D


2008-01-27 14:00:24

random good